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Q1. Which kinds of fibers are Boute products made from?

 A: Boute molded fiber products are made from natural fibers such as Sugarcane bagasse, Wheat Straw from by-products of crop.

Q2. Why Boute are using bagasse or wheat straw as raw material?

  A: Both of them are annually renewable and recyclable resources. Only byproducts of these are used. Sugarcane fibers are remaining extraction of juice from sugarcane plant, and wheat straw was remained after the wheat grain has been extracted.

Q3. What is the range of Boute ECO products? What is the usage application?

  A: Boute natural fiber products have included plates, platters, trays, soup bowls, drinking cups, to go containers. All of Boute biodegradable food service products can be used in family house, parties, fast food chains, catering service restaurants, conventions, cafeterias, take-away food packing stores, hospitals to people like you and me caring about the friendly environmental.

Q4. Is there any additive in Boute products? Will the additive prevent the biodegradation?

  A: Boute biodegradable tableware are mostly made from 100% natural fiber. There are a little food safety grade of grease and water proof additives in ingredient. No harm to human and won’t prevent the biodegradation.

Q5. Can Boute pulp tableware be used for hot food?

  A: Yes, Boute biodegradable food service products can withstand 220 degrees of hot oil or water. It is microwaveable and freezer safe with good strength and sturdy. If in contact with hot foods for extended time, the biodegradable and compostable tableware will become a little soft but will still retain its shape and strength. Sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw is one of the only food packaging products in the earth that can handle hot temperature.

Q6. Since the sugarcane plant products are biodegradable and compostable, will Boute foodware products degrade during storage in warehouse or usage?

  A: Boute food service biodegradable products can only be degraded on condition that they completely touch with all the 4 elements sunlight, water, heat energy, soil. So the degradation won’t proceed during the storage or transportation or usage.

Q7.How long Boute bagasse products will take to completely biodegrade?

A: Boute biodegradable tableware can be biodegradable 100% in about 60 days at commercial composting facility. House composting may take longer about 90 days to 180 days according to different situations. 

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